Our Mission: We continually improve our Processes and Procedures to make our Customers Ecstatically Happy while maintaining the Dignity of our Family of Employees.
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DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase
1000 Flight Line Blvd, DeLand  Florida 32724 386-626-7241  KDED
Held during November 


SUN n FUN Aerospace Expo
KLAL Lakeland Florida
Held during April


KOSH Oshkosh Wisconsin
Held the end of July
A group of small airplanes parked in front of an airport hangar.
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We make Ecstatically Happy customers due to our outstanding support. We love to see our customer's Bristells ready for their next mission. We import the Bristell's into the USA at various locations. 
If you need support please call Lou Mancuso "The Landing Doctor" at 516-658-1847 
Bristell Aircraft USA
Bristell Aircraft USA
Showroom Balcony in the Czech Republic
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Lou and Milan
Lou Mancuso, "The Landing Doctor" and CEO of Bristell Aircraft, LLC., the importer of the Bristell for the USA, with Milan Bristela, CEO of BRM AERO in the Czech Republic.
Bristell Aircraft USA
Milan and Martin

Milan Bristela with his son Martin.

BRM AERO is the brainchild of Milan Bristela, the aeronautical engineer designer, factory owner, and creator of the Bristell Light Sport Aircraft. Over 120 aircraft were built last year.  Serial number 950 will roll off the production line before the end of 2024. Milan has grown the company slowly and with very little debt. He needs very few plane sales per year to keep the factory in great financial condition.
His reputation for design excellence and "ground up" 3D Auto Cad design programs make the Bristell lighter, faster, and stronger than most of the competition. The Bristell is unmatched for fit and finish. It is beautifully crafted and designed to accommodate pilots from 5'2" to 6'8". The 51 inch wide cabin is widest in class and allows room for a wide array of Garmin Avionics. The wing storage lockers are right on the center of gravity and hold 44 pounds each.  BRM AERO custom luggage bags can be fully packed at home and the pilot can be assured it will fit in the wing locker. Two airline style carry on bags will fit easily behind the seats and and that storage area can hold 33 pounds. Your 30 pound dog is very comfortable in the storage area behind the seats. There is also a hat shelf for up to 7 pounds. 
Milan's passion for building a great plane is signified with his slogan on every plane, "Wings with Heart". His attention to detail has helped create a strong (157 KIAS Vne) aircraft that is light weight, which results in superior climb rates. Our 915iS Turbo LSA can climb to 10,000 feet in only 6 minutes. The Bristell design and light weight has made it possible to use 4 different Rotax engines including the 141HP 915iS Turbo engine and 162HP 916iS engine. Many of our Bristell's have a empty weight of only 780 pounds, resulting in a 540 pound useful load and 440 pound payload for pilot, passenger and 4 hours of fuel.
The thought and care that has gone into the design of each model is clear to all those who are fortunate enough to have flown in a Bristell or, indeed, own one. For example, the convenient latching canopy design results in a tight closing canopy that keeps the cabin warm when needed and large four inch vents provide great outside airflow to maintain a cool cockpit.  Owners taxi with the canopy open and remain comfortable even on 90 degree days.
The wing design is special to the Bristell as the wing spar extends 18" out from the fuselage. This means that the pilot steps on the spar and not on the wing or over a flap when getting into the Bristell.  The Bristell will never need wing repairs due to years of pilots stepping on the wing to enter the plane.  
For factory info and specifications for all Bristell models, please visit the factory site www.bristell.com or www.brmaero.com

To learn more about the BRM AERO factory click on the "WHY BRISTELL" VIDEO BELOW.

Bristell Aircraft USA


CFI 7000TT
"The Landing Doctor" CEO
Lou's dad, Louis Mancuso Sr. started the family flight school in 1946.
Bristell Aircraft USA
Mom and Dad and Monocoupe
Bristell Aircraft USA


CFI 14,000TT
Mike Mancuso was #4 Wing man for the Northern Lights Aerobatic Team for many years. After 15 years as an airshow performer, Mike became a corporate pilot. He is captain of a corporate Jet and is President of Mid Island Air Service, the family FBO, on Long Island. Mid Island was started in 1946 by Lou SR.
A man sitting in the cockpit of an airplane.


CFI 10,000 TT General Manager
Brant Howell has been involved in General Aviation for many years. He manages the Sebring Flight Academy for the Mancuso family in Sebring Florida.  He is well versed in the "Landing Doctor" methods of teaching. He is a good stick which may have come from his previous tail wheel flying experience.
Bristell Aircraft USA


Kari Mancuso is an Ohio State graduate and handles everything financial. She is administrative assistant to the CEO, Lou Mancuso. You will feel like family when you speak with Kari.
Bristell Aircraft USA
Richie Maisano Ace Mechanic

Rich Maisano


Lancaster, PA

Rich is the best LSA mechanic I know.

He has been to Rotax training schools numerous times and is an expert on Bristells, Rotax, and Garmin Avionics.

He is also our DAR who signs the paperwork allowing our Bristell LSA's to obtain US Registration.

Bristell Aircraft USA

Susan Mancuso Guerra

Chief Loan Officer
Sue is President of "The Mancuso Group"
A man in a suit and tie smiling for the camera.

John Calla

CFI 3700TT SW Florida 239-989-8517
John has a passion for flight training and aircraft sales. His plane is based at Punta Gorda KPGD. You can see John at our shows.
A man wearing sunglasses and holding his hands.
Evan Damadeo

Evan Damadeo CFII 800TT

Shirley, NY 631-281-5400

Evan worked with the FAA to get our LSA Bristell aircraft approved in our Part 141  Mid Island Flying School. Mid Island was able to sell its Piper arrow since the Technically Advanced Bristell aircraft can be use to meet the commercial pilot requirements.